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The 27th issue has Derwent from LTS, Gita Renik, The Royal Flares and much more..
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The 27th! issue of HEAVY SOUL! Modzine- One of THE iconic photo's from the '60s is of the two female dancers at The Scene Club in '64 - dancing to The Dog, one has her back to the camera - the other in a state of concentration. Read all about Gita Renik's (the dancer with her back to the shot) account of that photo and her life in the heyday of Mod and beyond in the latest HEAVY SOUL modzine; Also interviews with Derwent Jaconelli on The Rage gig coming up next Friday, legendary Soul DJ Sean Chapman, Gary Walters on the new "Into Tomorrow" venture, Jonny Magus of The Ace explains his new band Thee Wylde Freak Show and The Royal Flares. Articles a'plenty as well on The Platters rise to Soul stardom, Mod Fun, Charlie Watts, The Chants, Weller, Paul Orwell, Graeme Goodall, new and reissue releases, two pages of news and more as well as that free CD of club sounds.


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