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Immediate Pleasure

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“Immediate Pleasure" is the 2nd CD comp following on from the "Soul Like Fire" comp.

Tthis time 20 bands from all over the globe cover all the bases of the mod genre.

From club soul (The Fonxionaire s, button up), Hammond jazz (Gene Drayton Unit), Beat (The Petty Hoodlums, beatrevolver, The Caper Story, The Royal Hangmen, Black Hollies, Small Fakers), Rhythm & Blues (Nick Buckle & Thee Ones, The Attention!) and more newer sounds from The Josephs, The Reaction, The Effectives etc)

This release really rocks and gives you a nice cross section of styles that reflects on the current mod scene.


1 – The Royal Hangmen Almost Grown 2 –The Attention! Ace Face 3 –The Fonxionaires Uncle Willie Time 4 –The Black Hollies Gloomy Monday Morning 5 –Button Up Turn It Up To Bring It Down 6 –The Laynes Not The First Time 7 –Gene Drayton Unit Caffeind 8 –The Caper Story I Wish I Did 9 –Beatrevolver Nobody But You 10 –The Pretty Hoodlums 1-2-5 11 –Nick Buckle & Thee Ones Nite And Day 12 –The Small Fakers I Can't Dance With You 13 –The Nouvella's Satisfied 14 –The Ace Tonight 15 –Connett Madamoiselle 16 –Eurovox Victoria 17 –Tailor Made Weekend 18 –The Effectives Ba Ba Ba 19 –The Josephs The Situation 20 –The Reaction Then And Now


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