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THE PACIFICS Play Favourites EP

Ace Garage R&B EP that predates The Strypes
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Dear record collectors, You may not like THE PACIFICS if you are absolutely impervious to beat music, but if you have the slightest interest in todays dance music you will soon come across this great new combo! Hailing from the reeking streets of Dublin, Ireland, these four lads will soon rise to be the next big thing in musical history. The four recordings on this vinyl record might be a bit rough for your young ears, but if you listen carefully you can surely hear their brain blistering talent. They are the most dazzling musicians of our age, their extraordinary songwriting skills are more than obvious.

When playing live, they never do an encore. Why you ask? Well, first of all doing encores is for rock dinosaurs and hippie bands, secondly the crowd is already trashed... cause this music should be consumed exactly like it was recorded: with some pints of Guinness and some glasses of whiskey in your gut. I always do it this way! Burp!

Walther F. Ringelnatz



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