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THE PRIME MOVERS Sins Of The Fourfathers

Ace garage LP from Graham Day - full of the usual menace!
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Formed from the ashes of the mega cult band ‘The Prisoners’ and ‘The James Taylor Quartet’, The Prime Movers’ only objective was to belt out some raw, powerful and fantastic Medway music again. In 1988 the band ran head-first into the nearest studio so that everything was still fresh. When the band emerged blinking into the sun what they had produced was one of the most legendary albums to spew forth from the Medway Garage scene. These are songs that are pissed off slabs of vicious bile that can only be produced by three talented artists who had been regularly shafted by the wankers in the music biz. This was music for music’s sake - and it’s stood the test of time brilliantly. Fans around the globe hunt for this now ultra rare album and original UK copies can change hands for up to £50.00!! We contacted the band and they finally agreed to re-releasing the album, so we re-mastered it, re-packaged it and now it’s here!!!! For the first time ever on CD and now finally at an affordable price on vinyl this is a release that any lover of pure Garage sounds should not miss out on. For all you Prime Movers afficionados out there please note that this is a re-issue of the brilliant original UK release and NOT the slightly stinky German version that has overdubbed organ on it. With new artwork and liner notes by ‘Allan Crockford’ this is a release that should be blasting out of every home in the world. Now the band have reformed under the guise of ‘The Solarflares’ to keep the spirit of raw, lively and enthralling music alive - so was this the first ‘Prime Movers’ album or the first ‘Solarflares’ album???



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