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V/A Le Beat Bespoke 6 LP

Sixteen killer cuts for the underground Mod / 60s scene
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A NUT’s production for Detour Records featuring rare underground dancefloor fillers from the New Untouchables club scene with bespoke artwork from Pip! Pip! , In this collection arecurrent hits from Dr Robert’s DJ set as well as some new discoveries and forgotten gems in some cases compiled for the 1st time ever. This is number 6 of the series, it has just been released (April 2015). Vinyl version has 16 tracks. See track list below: 1. I’m The Man - Jerry Holmes 2. Maybe Later - The Omen & Their Luv 3. Life - Crystal Revelation 4. My Baby’s Got Me - Troy Marrs 5. Tiger Dance - Bird And The Bees 6. One Way Ticket - Chris Rayburn 7. It’s So Much The Better - Marian Ruxell 8. Freedom - Monica 9. People in The Night - The Group 10. It Happened- Paul Martin 11. Poor Poor Genie - Damon 12. Girl In The Future - Paul St. James & The Franky’s 13. Rat Race - The Tears 14. Purple Purple - Spontaneous Generation 15. Temple Of Gold - Samurai 16. The Lesson - The Cords


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